Forever cursed

Forever cursed my hope is passing by in that black hearse, black roses my tears floods the Earth this World kills me. I've been dying since birth a rotten corpse , no one gives a damn about the dead

I got a hole in my stomach and I'm hungry for knowledge , so I can never be well feed. My emotions run deep so if your trying to reach my heart then watch the edge because my heart steep.

Loves expensive but hates cheap. I search for love but the journey dangerous because my enemy knows what I long for

False love , I call it sugar coated hate, this World is crooked.. I suppose that's why they couldn't give it to me straight. Living under this harsh Sun, the dead be the lucky ones

The day I'm lying in my black Casket will be my gift basket, cold flesh ant no heat beat inside my cold chest , life's raw as I'm praying for a fresh start

Pain is seeping through my soul as I watch my life decompose , dead but alive, walking zombies my lyrics be more then just a hobby

Awoke to this chaos as I'm praying for peace , so in till that day I'm a keep dreaming , this World is inferior to my well being

because death is what I keep seeing

--  Ronnie M., Adult