First Love and Holding On

I thought that I have moved on since that day,
But I guess I was wrong when I saw you.
How I dearly hoped that our time would stay,
And that you’d know that my feelings are true.

It was so fun when we walked together.
My legs were sore but it was worth it all.
When we talk I feel like a light feather.
I guess I never knew how hard I’d fall.

I hope that one day you would be content.
I hope that one day your dreams will come true.
Time passing is something I can’t prevent.
I know that I will never forget you.

You have grown more mature since all those years.
I’m glad we took pictures of each other.
I could not hold back all of my sad tears.
I hope we meet in a life that’s another.

I'm glad that I could call you my first love.
You're still my shining star from skies above.

-- Trina N., 17