deep sleep of darkness

mouth shut like a mutt break my teeth break my bones onto the stone i won't groan and just take it make me bloody as carrie, gary won't help just weep as i fall into a deep sleep of darkness with no spark is list myself as a freak i reek the stench of the unnorm that can't be form of the swarm of clones that is not it's self but a twin that can't use one's own brain so it always thunder and rain no rainbows created of it's dead lost brain, destructive trying to make their own different side of a brave new world, they look at me as if i'm a retard trying to restart me up but i'am one to the unknown. My darkness talks to me from the walls cause i got no one but the moon as the sun to call, set the moon on fire it will appeal from the mist with a shine of kiss no it's the light to the dark and dark to the light of the unknown this fun to run my pencil as if i'm brainstorming like winston with the bottle of gin but the swarm couldn't understand what am'i they can't make me like them they wiggle around like worms that cant understand my darkness as they shut me away back into my deep sleep of darkness.

-- Sabastian V., 18