Dear Sorrow, Dear Pain

Dear Sorrow, Dear Pain,
Why do you do it?
Why do you sting?

It was Death that pulled me away,
And forced me to go,
Now you attack my family
Haunting each one till they're broke.

You do this just to torture
But I really had no choice
You attack my poor mother
Because Death kidnapped me-her baby boy.

I was a fighter, you know,
Before I was caught by Death
And father cried all the way home.

I was around only a day
So you couldn't hit me,
Instead you hit my brother in the face
And now he's crying.

There's nothing I can do
Except to lay down
And watch as my poor sister
Falls upon the ground.

They never got to meet me,
To see who I really am,
See the great person I'd grow up to be,
Or to even hold my hand...

But you weren't supposed to hurt them
That wasn't part of the deal,
Yet I guess it's just another thing that's broken
And will take time to heal

I don't know why you do this,
Or if I'll ever find out,
Or why you broke our promise
And cursed my family with doubt.

Why can't you be more like Love?
Bringing hope and not fear?
I guess you're what Death spared me of,
And that's the only positive here.

I have so many questions but tell me just this one thing-
Why do you do it Sorrow?
Why do you do it Pain?

Do you live off of sad tears?
Is that how you thrive?
Teaming up with Death to take away years
And making others cry?

And you'll continue to do this
Forever till the end
When they have nothing left
You'll make Death grab their friends.

Just like Death took my life
He'll catch up to them soon,
Teaming up with Time
To push them quickly to their doom.

So now that I've been captured
You could at least tell me your evil schemes,
Why all of this torture?
Why did Death pick me?

I just want to know
So my family can finally be okay,
But you'll always haunt them Sorrow,
You'll always haunt them Pain

-- Kara P., Adult