Dark and Light

Great dark lake smooth like glass,
A boy stands alone in its grasp.

The water like ink wraps around his feet.
His eyes like fog stare yet cannot see.

Smell of salt, sweet and wet.
Sound of night a velvet net.

Softly slowly the water pulls,
Deeper, deeper, deeper it lulls.

If I go or if I stay,
Does it matter anyway?

A tear upon his cheek,
A tear within his heart,
He steps into the deep,
Forever to depart.

Can you hear my silent plea?
Can you save me from the cold, charred sea?

Water soaks his clothes and bones.
No more lonely tired groans.

But wait, a light, a glimmer.
The boy turns from his fateful venture.

Bleeding sunlight cracks the sky.
A sunrise. A birdsong. A reason why.

--  Kristiana H., Adult