Chivalry When Dead

I nestle in the Fresno trees
a wanderlust has entered my being in the breeze
Ash Trees is that which brings reprieve
if my ashes were thrown among ash trees would I breed?
We are the seeds we plant dearly making our garden of love
Dearly to some others for show
But, we flow among the ash trees
as we tip toe and dip our feet for sure
in the spiritual waters of the city of Fresno
Passionately I watch over the years
how a multi-faceted diamond changes
Through gales, rain, heat or snow
This cultural melting pot consistently remain
As we are known as the people that open our hearts
again and a gain...bright promises and plenty hope
We look among each other as trees grown proud
short or tall
work fast into the morning and among night fall
we wrestle in the clouds
We discern the length of our time and space
to sow and tow the plough build the human race
we shall share light and darkness in truth and love
We are the life that Omnipotence gave
we shall be the new four square city the future does proclaim
All around the world people have come to know our name
by those that plant their seeds silent or in loud reclaim
Chivalry is the gentleman leaf dear to Fresno
because chivalry does it best man when the trees grow and the water seems low
The land shout no, we won't go!
The Earth listens because we rub elbows, come together
does what it takes to make the trees continue to infiltrate
with love and beautiful pleasure, we give an amorous show
treasure when chivalry is not dead!
If chivalry was dead, all will lose their head to common dreads  

-- Pamela M., Adult