Carpe Diem

A child full of laughter
And so many beautiful things
You think back to the ‘old days’
And feel you have some wings
Those days, they were the best
When you didn’t feel so fragile
When you ran around and played
You really were quite agile
But you had to look forward
Always wanting more
So greedy, but innocent
Because you felt life was a bore
When you were in your teens
You felt as if the world could fall apart
Only wanting freedom
When what you really needed was at heart
In your twenties you had it all
Love, pride, and grace
But you still looked forward
Oh you poor gentle face
In you thirties you had children
Lovely were them all
But you looked forward to later
When you could lie down and sprawl
In your forties’ you still did
Look forward to the world
And your fifties too
Your dreams just whirled and twirled
Your sixties and your seventies
All those year were spent
With dread and small hopeful thoughts
“Just get to retirement”
Now you are in your eighties
And wish you had just stopped
Looking for the future
For now you are just flopped
Looking on these children
A tear comes to eye
You think about your life
And how it just flew by
Now you’ve heard this lesson
Now you’ve heard me teem
Just take this advice carefully
And live Carpe Diem

-- Kalena S., 13