When I first met you I really didn't wanna date you, but you had me feeling so sorry for you..

Told me sad story's things about your past then suddenly everything started moving so fast..

I gave you my heart,I gave you my all but some how you let everything fall..

You started cussing at me,hanging up,turning off your phone, I was up all night crying alone!

You acted like you had to be so tough,but why wasn't my love good enough?

One night you tried to take my life from me, I was begging just let me breath, a few more seconds I would of been dead, tell me what was really going on in you damn head.

I wanted to be with you until the end but now I hate you and I'll never trust you again!

You had a good women ,who loved you from the heart, but now its back to the start for me.

I'll make it through the stormy weather because I know I deserve so much better!

Now I gotta move on with my life, I pray one day, you get your life right!.

-- Monique G., Adult