Braving the Dark and Cold

While I think and ponder in bed
Thousands of voices fill my head
All the lies of the world I'm fed
Seeking to sink my heart with dread

My heart paces and quickens with fear.
Happiness why won't you stay here.
Into my mind, depressions creep.
My heart slows and begins to weep.

My eyes droop and sag with the need for sleep.
Into the night hours they long to peep.
The sands of slumber begin to seep.
Open no longer they can keep.

I miss the me I used to be,
Before life got ahold of me.
The person I was inside,
Before I felt the need to hide.

Broken promises start to feel like lies.
My faith in you has met its demise.
Your empty words are meaningless to me.
Words you hear but, actions you see.

-- Elle H., 15