Unfolding gently, it surfaced
Swaying above the gentle waters
The tiny bud of the lotus flower
Basking in the sun’s newfound warmth

"Behold! She does not belong
She is not like us," the sea of lilies cried
Aghast, the little lotus flower hearing this
Dropped its tiny dainty head forlorn

Shaken, its heart plaintively cried-
"Lord! I know not what they say!
Why placeth me in the bed of lilies white
And not among other lotus flowers?"

Soon, it heard soothing strains of a song
As a passing mendicant came along
Who simply tapped it and said,
“Waking, eating, sleeping, acting
Sing, sing His praise alone”

Forgetting the lilies, the sun, the water
The lotus lifted its hands in supplication
And sang, with all its heart
"God! My God! In my heart exist you alone!"

"Behold! "replied the lord,
"Lily, lotus, water or sun
The passing mendicant, the breeze
And the very air you breathe
In all manifest, am I and I alone!"

"Pay no heed to the world and its ways
Remain immersed in me alone
You belong neither here nor there
For ‘You’ are not, It's only “I”
Here and there and everywhere!"

"Where I exist, you do too
Merge in me, and forget your ‘self’
In peace reside, where I place you
For, everything is in me and Me alone!"

-- Anuradha G.-L., Adult