The sight of waves crashing on the shore is truly a sight to view, I’m sure all agree,
Same with the sound of a seagull cawing, carried on the ocean breeze.
A child runs on the sand, chasing the waves but fleeing when they get too close.
The water moving forward and back looks as if pulled by a ghost.
And it’s beautiful.

The green hills, so luscious and alive.
Some people just don’t realize it, but from that we are deprived.
To picture the deer roaming and the squirrels skittering about,
Everything so green, even in this drought.
And it’s beautiful.

The mountains with cliffs so steep and sheer,
The soft clouds hanging like white chandeliers.
The hard work to get to the top of any mountain is worth it for the view.
And if you stare at the world, so large that, of its size you don’t have a clue.
And it’s beautiful.

The meadows and fields with knee-high grass,
When the sunlight reflects off, it looks like glass.
It’s a perfect place for the butterflies and bees to frolic.
Some think that wonder is somehow symbolic.
And it’s beautiful.

The Central Valley, where there are wonders that we just don’t see.
We don’t think we can be happy where we be.
Although we don’t have an ocean or tall mountains to view,
The fact that nature needs to be protected is true.
Because it’s beautiful.

--Sarah E., 13