American I

Looking through these tired American eyes.
I can't help but realize.
The world we know is controlled by lies.
None of these untruths can be rectified.
Our society rapes those who have not.
All the good deeds they've done are simply forgot.
Unclean, unfed, and unemployed-unacceptable to most!
Yet steadily increasing from coast to coast.
Deceived by those that monopolize control.
Manipulating the masses into doing what there told.
This contorted reality we're fed every day.
Transforms us all into unwilling slaves!
Left to pay the debts of those who walked before us.
Only to realize our government ignores us!
Big oil and banks control all the money.
Expecting a change is anything but funny.
People finally start to rise, opposing this tyranny.
To fight and die for freedom holds no fear in me!
Apprehensively coming together, the country tries to unite.
The passion of our struggle furiously ignites!
People demanding truth, hope, justice and peace.
Together we can drive "big brother" to his knees!
All colors, sexes, races, and creeds-
It's time to arise, and fight to be free!

-- Ronald K., Adult