Hush (My Favorite Books)

Hush, be quiet and maybe you’ll hear something, you hear that sound? That’s the sound of someone running.

A man ran through the Shire and down the center, he ran up to the dwarves and says, “Wait for me, I want an adventure!”

The little fellow hopped on a pony, and followed behind his group. He was going on a grand adventure, a long and dangerous one too.
One day, his friends were captured and scared, but the Hobbit did something he didn’t think he would ever dare.

He became a hero, an invisible one you know; he slipped on a ring, and ran around like he ran the show…

Now Hush, stop talking, put away that phone, if you listen, you might hear something groan.

It’s a boy lying on a table; he’s in a lot of pain.
His whole body is burned, even down to the veins.

He saved a group of children from a burning Church, if only he could be saved himself, but now his friend wants to search.

Dally wants to search for meaning, but he can’t find anything.
Does that sound familiar? It kind of hits you with a bang.

Just like how Dally was hit, suicide by cop.
Ponyboy saw it all, he watched Dallas drop.

Johnny was gone, and now so was the blonde Outsider, Pony needed to start over, he needed to forget that fire.

Hush, take your headphones off, and maybe you’ll hear something other than music? Can’t you pay attention to the girl who’s going to lose it?

A little German girl, taken in by adopted parents, the war came along, and made a huge difference.

Her Father was a good man, and her Mother was like a babysitter, but things began to look up when she read that book from the Grave Digger.

Death followed her around, everywhere she walked; it followed her to the end, when she walked down those blocks.

She found hope again when she found Max for the second time.
The man with hair like a bird’s feathers, who with her Father, fought alongside.

Hush, be quiet and maybe you’ll hear something!
You hear that sound, that’s the sound of human suffering.

Be respectful, put away your devices,
pick up this memoir, and make a couple of sacrifices.

I think you can last a moment without your friends, put away your tablet and profile, and let us begin.

Read his book, the one called "Night", about a man named Elie, who fought to stay alive.

It should teach you a thing or two, about how good you have it. Maybe it’ll teach you how to care, instead of living in habit.

The pain he suffered, the losses he went through, if it doesn’t affect you, then I suppose you just can’t be moved.

Hush, stop, read John 14:6. Read with hope, it’ll change you quite a bit.

Now, Hush, listen, and stop thinking about your life.
What do you hear? Nothing, silence is golden, noise is heard with strife.

What do you prefer, the sounds of the city? Or the sound of a page turning?
Then pick up a good book, and start learning.

--Stephanie D., 17