Beautiful Night

The moon is speaking
The stars are singing,
The sun is sleeping
As we are all dreaming,
Visions of beauty
Gleaming so bright,
As I aimlessly wander
And travel the night,
Gardens floating in air
With magical powers,
Full of the utmost
Breath-taking and beautiful flowers,
Aroma so lovely I hope to return,
To the land of the ancient
Lilacs and ferns,
Through the jungle
On a river so massive,
Myself on a boat
With I as the captain,
A quest for treasure
Hidden for ages,
Animals chatter
Arrival of stranger,
Through the forest of rain
A journey for days,
Then I finally found
The prize to claim,
Dragged and towed it
Back to the boat,
Got back on the river
But then I awoke.

--Philip P., 23